SNT Lighting Design

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As part of the current regeneration of the town centre in Stevenage, the lighting design scheme by Michael Grubb Studio included replicas of the iconic original lighting of the late 50s when the town was new, as feature lighting in the Town Square.




At 0:49 seconds the chandelier can be seen.

At 1:23 the underside of the chandelier can be seen. (video start point)

At 1:34 seconds the reading light can be seen.


The the original lights can be seen in the above Pathé film. Upon deciding to replicate these lights the challenge was trying to get them recreated as accurately as possible.



A frame from the original Pathé Film 


   A render of the CAD model overlaid onto the same background 




The best available imagery of the original was then scaled to suit the new requirements with the technology updated to modern standards. The original glass shades became rotationally moulded MDPE, selected for durability and light diffusion, with the light source updated to the latest LEDs positioned to optimise light distribution across the shade.















End Client : Stevenage Council Lighting Scheme Design : Michael Grubb Studio Employer: DW Windsor