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je+1 Expo Stand




jE+1 had a bold vision for their debut internally commissioned trade show stand. Hothouse was commissioned to turn the visual concept into a functional design and complete the subsequent production of the stand.



The angular, stealth-like quality exists throughout and turning this into a workable concept for ease of packing down for transit, and quick assembly/takedown on-site, while utilising all internal space for cupboards and storage proved a rewarding challenge. 






A ball joint fixture to which the angled panels were mounted provided the solution,  along with hinged connections along each of the edge joins. 

This ensured that when assembled each panel's resting position would gravitate to that of the intended design, while also allowing for the tolerances required with an assembly of this scale.


















End Client : jE+1 Employer : Hothouse IWG    


Lux Live Stand Visualisations



Employer : DW Windsor