Apple Fascia

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Unsurprisingly Apple takes the physical embodiment of its logo very seriously. As such, these products, though only used in their stores, are considered Apple products and so the design, engineering and attention to detail are paramount.





Back in 2010 when the Apple Paris Opera store was launched, it became one of the notable Apple stores across the world for its elegance and simplicity largely utilising and complementing the existing building architecture. The storefront focus is two illuminated Fascia Apple logos affront the ornate columns.


Steve Jobs displayed the fascia of the Paris Opera store during one of his infamous Keynotes and attended the store opening in person.





At Endpoint I was responsible for engineering, design and production of much of the current range of storefronts and internal European Apple Store logo products, working directly with Apple’s associated design team to present my work and oversee the products fabrication and delivery.



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