3D Printing & Injection Moulding

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3D Printing & Injection Moulding

Through the varied projects, I have designed and delivered or been involved with in some way many have required prototyping to some degree. Equally, on occasion, I have designed 3D printed parts and components to be utilised as the finished component.  I have worked with numerous 3D printing companies over the years using the best machines of the time and have utilised in-house 3D printing for most of my career.

I have had substantial exposure to injection moulding, designing a variety of parts for wide-ranging applications as well as dealing with the Far East supply chain to ensure satisfactory results. On both counts some projects utilising both appear in the projects on this website, linked through below.


Garda Development





3D Printing & Injection Moulding










Control Node Development




Ladybird Bug Clip