Pot Noodle Kettle Kup

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This project by Hothouse for Mischief PR acting on behalf of Pot Noodle was a quick turnaround delivery of two working prototype ‘Kettle Kups’ the winning concept of the twitter poll of Pot Noodle’s ‘You can Make it - Time-Saving Invention competition’ for which the winner was promised that their invention would be turned into reality and sent to be displayed at the CES Tech Fair in Las Vegas.





As a bespoke, 2 off unit required to boil water in minutes, while being presented live to crowds, before being recharged (again in minutes) ready to be presented again non-stop for the duration of the two-day event, nothing about this project was straightforward!

It had to look the part, work perfectly every time, house all the required tech, be durable, safe and easy to use, contend with both extreme heat and water and be designed, trialled, suppliers and parts sourced, manufactured, assembled and packed up ready for air freight in a matter of days.














The trial here shows the water hitting boiling point (100 °C on the digital thermometer) shortly after the 4-minute mark on the stopwatch.


It was great to see that as well as generating plenty of the desired press coverage, the Kettle Kup not only made it in to the top 5 craziest gadget list for CES 2016, but that it even made it to the centrepiece of a Japanese Chindōgu style montage!



End Client : Pot Noodle Concept : Mischief PR Employer : Hothouse IWG